Velvet + High Waisted Bellbottoms

Beauty by Leigh Taylor

And don’t forget that off the shoulder ruffle!

I just love the look and feel of this outfit..hippie chic and still modern/current with the OTS and velvet trends..and the best part (other than how cute it is, obvi) was the price! If you’re in the Tennessee area (and Kentucky too I believe!) look up a store called Blush Boutique if you haven’t already heard of it. They always have the cutest items and a HUGE selection. I don’t think there is any style type they can’t dress!

Get Your Sale On

So every year Blush has an annual sale that will make your mouth water..
Buy 1 item: 10% off total purchase
Buy 2 items: 20% off total purchase
Buy 3 items: 30% off total purchase
Buy 4 or MORE items: 40% off total purchase

Y’all. 40% off your ENTIRE purchase. Aka, you could go to Blush and find a few accessories for $10, buy 6 of them and instead of paying $60 you’re paying $36… That is just MADDNESS. Oh and did I mention SALE ITEMS ARE INCLUDED?! I mean…be still my heart. So naturally I went in for the first day of this sale and left with probably 20+ items including this ENTIRE outfit. Yes, velvet bodysuit. Yes, high waisted bellbottoms. Yes, clutch. Yes, shoes. – I know. It’s almost impossible to believe but it’s true!

Hippie Chic Vibes

Some other reasons I die for this outfit other than the previously mentioned price and #hippiechic vibes.. I love a good pattern mixed with a good texture. If this bodysuit were cotton instead of velvet, all though it would still be super cute, I just don’t think it would give this look that unspoken edge.

Plus lets get serious, put a big floral print on just about anything and it’ll probably be my new favorite… but especially high waisted bell bottoms that feel like a small baby lamb is rubbing up against my body… well that just can’t be beat.

What are y’alls thoughts on mixing patterns and textures? I love it not only in fashion but also in interior décor! Tell me what y’all think below!