Single, or Not – 6 ways to show LOVE on Valentine’s Day!


Some people love Valentine’s Day and some people hate it..

personally, I don’t think you should hate anyone or anything 😛 But that’s a blog for another day so, do you boo..


It seems that most people who dislike Valentine’s Day are those who aren’t in a relationship.. I’ve never known anyone in love with another person who, at a minimum, can’t pick up a card and a heart shaped chocolate for $5 at Walgreens in hopes of getting nothing else but a guaranteed holiday happy-ending 😛 But thankfully, I feel like our nation as a whole has recently began dipping our toes into the pool of “Single Empowerment” – which lends a hand in celebrating oneself more on this day as a single than just being dreadfully aware of the “party of one” status..


“Single, or not – this day is about LOVE!”


And that’s what this blog is about! Single or not, this day is about LOVE! Of course there will be the typical  antagonist out there who will say something along the lines of “I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because love should be celebrated every day and not just on one specific day..” And if you’re human, you’ll want to punch them in the face…but don’t. Because that’s definitely not LOVE..and technically they’re not wrong. But that’s also just not reality. Single or not, life is hard. And there’s the everyday life battles of chasing your dreams, furthering your career, maintaining a happy home – shit, just maintaining a home at all..trying to work out, drink enough water, see your friends, visit your family, keep your legs shaved (or face, or whatever..) meditate, heal old wounds..damn, sometimes it’s a good day if all you do is remember to eat breakfast?! So yes, love should be celebrated everyday but with the laundry list of other things we all try to do in our given 24 hours, sometimes we fall short on not only showing other people in our lives love, but a lot of times showing ourselves love too.


“..sometimes we fall short on not only showing other people in our lives love, but a lot of times showing ourselves love too. “


So if you’re normally a debbie-downer when it comes to Valentine’s Day, maybe this is your year to see how the other half lives.. Im not saying you have to go full on #extra with an all-red-everything #ootd, heart pajamas at night & 2 dozen long stem roses (aka. Leigh Taylor) – but at the very least, we should all try to show ourselves a little love on Vday for no other reason than at some point in time our people decided to give us all a set day of the year to remind ourselves to do so. For some, it might be the only time you actually remember to take that little time out. — And if you are in a relationship, it doesn’t hurt to trade in the money you use for your Friday night 12 pack or your drive-thru Starbucks latte and oatmeal, toward a heartfelt little something to remind the person you’re with that “hey – you do deserve to be celebrated everyday but today of all days, especially.”

So single or not, if you’re new to the idea of celebrating Vday or if you just want to switch up your celebrations – here are a few ideas, at all different price points, that should have you feeling at least a few warm and fuzzies by the of the 14th!

PS! Don’t forget to comment below on how you typically feel about Valentine’s Day or if any of the ideas below inspire you to do something a little different this year!



Valentine’s Day Ideas – Single, or Not…

(1.) Whether you’re showing love to yourself or someone else, candles should always be involved. Take the simple approach and light 1 or 2 while you cook dinner..or go all in and surround your bathtub with as many romantic flickers as you see fit! If you’re worried about open flames, battery powered candles are always an option too! (This idea also lends itself to a simple gift idea – bath salts or bath bomb anyone? Maybe with a little card and a note that leaves the night open to interpretation?! Wowzerrsss!) 

(2.) Do dinner differently! ..you don’t have to go out to eat to make the night special! In fact, use the first part of idea #1 (candles while you cook) and add some spice to it! Find a cookbook that you both would enjoy and gift that to your significant other the morning of Vday. Pick out a recipe together, stop by the store on your way home from work to pick up the ingredients and then cook in the kitchen together! Sweet, thoughtful and the epitome of quality time! (This can be done by yourself of with a group of friends as well!)

(3.) A gift that’s good for you is always a good gift! – Sign you and your partner up for a class they’ve always wanted to try! Then give them a card and tell them you love them, what they’ll need for the class and when to be ready by! (..yoga, boxing, pilates, pure barre, etc.) This is fun, unexpected and thoughtful! What’s also super cool about this is that a lot of places give your first class free! So you get all the points without spending all the paper! WIN. – Again. If you’re single. Sign yourself up for a class you’ve always wanted to try and take today to love yourself and actually do it! Especially if it’s free, you really don’t have any excuses!

(4.) This one is similar to #3 but you might not be able to get away with the free aspect of it..but still, money well spent! – Do something you’ve both never done together before. Paint pottery. Cooking classes. Cake decorating. Visit a Salt Cave for it’s healing benefits. Get a couple’s massage. Book a manicure and pedicure (a lot of guys are weird about this until they actually try it – all it takes is that first time to get them hooked :P) Take a “Sips and Strokes” class where you drink wine while you paint.. the options here are endless!

(5.) Bake. Is there anyone who doesn’t love a baked good?! Take the idea from #2 (the cookbook..) and implement but with SWEETS! Cupcakes, cookies, cakes, macaroons, petit four, tarts, brownies…and I have to stop now because Im drooling but you get the idea!

(6.) Movie night! This one’s easy! Of course you can find a flick at the theater but if it were me..i’d pick one of their favorite movies and have it paused and waiting for them to get home. This way after they read your sweet card and see your thoughtful chocolates, you have one more little trick up your sleeve to tell them that your plan for the night is to only spend time with them! – Get a little fun and crazy here and tell them that the movie can only be watched (a.) wearing pajamas (b.) inside a fort! That way you both change into your comfy’s, spend some extra quality time building your fort and then who knows if you’ll even get to the movie part of the evening?!?! 😛


Photography in this post by: @juliaperkinsphotography