My First Instagram Post

Beauty By Leigh Taylor

The Idea Behind BeautybyLeighTaylor

Beautybyleightaylor had become a thought really sometime in late 2015… by April 2016 it had been in the works for several months but I just never felt it was the right time to go live. And what I really mean by “in the works” was I had naturally chosen to spend my tax refund money on the best camera I could buy, ( bills or buy a mac-daddy camera for a blog I haven’t even started? ..priorities people..) I had invested in a ring light and tonsss of makeup (obviously makeup is just acquired over time when you have a serious issue of buying any little thing that’s “pretty”..) and I had even spent a few weeks trying to come up with the most clever Instagram name out there..beautybyleightaylor clearly isn’t the most original name out there which goes to show that literally every name I had come up with, 10 different people had beaten me to the IG punch..aka beautybyleightaylor was born thanks to all you clever people and my pure laziness to keep trying to come up with something you all hadn’t 😛

As for “the right time” I now realize I wasted SO much time waiting for “the right time.” Looking back and what all I’ve accomplished in only 6 months of Instagram blogging..well, it makes me want to puke thinking of all I could have accomplished if I had just started when I originally thought of it back in 2015. But of course, insert my Type A perfectionism and not wanting to do anything until it’s “perfect” – yea, that craziness had me hold off starting this journey for almost another entire year?! A year people! Goodness if I could go back and hit myself in the face for being so Type A, I would.

Fast Forward

Fast forward through living in a 700 square foot apartment with my boyfriend, buying our first home, living with his mother for a couple months while we renovated, decorating and furnishing our new home and then actually moving in..I had given myself tons of excuses as to why I couldn’t start my new Instagram blog. Then came the morning of September 8th, 2016; I had slept for about 3 hours the night before. I had used my mac-daddy camera I bought several months before a total of 2 times (neither time for taking pictures of my own makeup) and I was covered in dust from cleaning all morning. I was so mentally and physically exhausted from the last few months I realized that I hadn’t done anything with makeup in ages. I have always used makeup as a way to escape and relax and through all the chaos over the last few months; I hadn’t taken time to do the one thing I loved the most. So I sat down in my dust filled clothes, my studio still not fully unpacked and I did my makeup.

For the first time in months my body wasn’t tense, my mind was at peace and I felt like I was where I was meant to be. In my beautiful new studio, in my perfect new home I share with the world’s most amazing man, surrounded by so much love and light, and there I finished a very natural but glamorous makeup look. Being so at peace and so happy in that moment of where my life had taken me, I busted out my camera that I had barely used, sat in my not very perfect, halfway unpacked studio and I snapped a few pictures..not knowing these pictures would be my first ever Instagram posts on beautybeleightaylor.

Lessons + Reflections

I think about that day all the time. The fact that I had 3 hours of sleep, was wearing clothes I had been cleaning in all morning and nothing about my setup was “perfect” yet it ended up being the day that led me to start the journey that has led me to now 6,000+ IG followers and my very own website. Who would have guessed? Not me, that’s for sure.

It’s funny the life lessons this IG journey has taught me in such a short amount of time. My page is about finding beauty in all things but especially in makeup, fashion, travel, food and décor. But it’s also taught me to find the beauty in the imperfect. The imperfect situations, the imperfect outfits, the imperfect makeup looks. My life, and no one else’s for that matter, is going to be perfect. So instead of wasting time worrying about imperfections, I need to embrace them as character given to my life by God and appreciate all of them along the way.

Thanks for taking the time to read about the start of my social media journey. I’d LOVE to read about how your journey with IG or blogging started too. Comment below to share!

Talk soon!



Specific Product Details

Primer: Smashbox Cosmetics – Photo Finish – Color Correcting Adjust

Foundation: MakuUpForEver – Ultra HD Stick – 117=Y227

Concealer: MakeUpForEver – Invisible Cover


Concealer – Y23 (under eye)

Concealer: Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli – Skin Renewing Concealer (face) **DISCOUNT CODE: xlleighr

Setting Powder: Laura Mercier – Loose Setting Powder – Translucent

Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brow Powder Duo – Medium Brown, Clear Brow Gel

Eyeshadow: Morphe 35OM Palette (Crease & Outter Corner), Morphe 35OS (Lid)

Eyeliner: MAC Cosemetics – Eye Kohl – Teddy

Mascara: Tarte Cosmetics – Lights Camera Splashes – Waterproof

Bronzer: Chanel – Double Perfection Compact – Honey

Contour: Kevyn Aucoin – The Sculpting Powder – Medium

Blush: OFRA Cosmetics – Blush Palette

Highlight: Anastasia Beverly Hills – Glow Kit – Dripping in Gold

Lips: (Primer) Colour Pop Cosmetics – Lippie Stix Primer

(Lip Liner) Kylie Cosmetics – Maliboo

(Lip Gloss) Anastasia Beverly Hills – Dainty

September 2, 2017