My Current Loafer Obsession

My Current Loafer Obsession

We all know there’s nothing like the perfect heel that elongates the legs, gives the tush the illusion of being an inch or two higher and just makes you feel like a woman! But let’s be honest, I’m just not the girl who’s going grocery shopping or to the dry cleaners or to tour a new city in high heels… Don’t get me wrong, I bow down to the high heel wearing queens that can handle that level of diva (insert snap and wrist wave) but personally, I’m just not quite on that level all the time..

On days dedicated to errands or when I have lunch with a colleague or most definitely when I’m painting faces all day, you’ll probably catch me in loafer (or a bomb ass high top kick but that’s a blog for another day :P). But you just have to love the versatility of these easy, slip on shoes. You can dress them up, you can dress them down and they’re just always a cute, comfortable addition to your day!

I’ve always loved the classic look of a loafer… I remember being in middle school begging for a pair of “penny loafers.” I think half the reason I wanted a pair was just so I could say “penny loafer” 😛 But once I found out why these laceless shoes were called “penny loafers” (apparently for being able to slip a penny or two into the diamond shape slit on the top decoration) well that little fun fact only made these shoes more intriguing to my 7th grade self..

I eventually got my first pair of penny loafers and although I was definitely made fun of and caught plenty of side eyes by my middle school peers (shout out to my haters) I rocked those loafers then and I continue to rock them now! Check out some of my current favorites below!


January 4, 2018
January 6, 2018