My Best Friends Wedding

As a makeup artist there truly is no greater honor than being asked to do the makeup of a loved one for their wedding day. The biggest day in their life with pictures captured that will last generations to come. Woah. When you think about it like that…uh, no pressure?

So obviously it comes as no surprise that when one of my high school best friends got engaged and asked me to be not only her bridesmaid but her MUA as well, I couldn’t accept fast enough!

I also had the pleasure of planning her entire bachelorette weekend here in Nashville, Tennessee (and no, we didn’t do a Pedal Tavern…) Everything from bridesmaid gifts to professional pictures taken of the group while we scurried around Nashville, the local way 😛 I’ll have to write another blog post one day about putting together the best bridesmaid gifts and doing it on a budget. Being that this was my second Bachelorette Weekend to host, I’ve done my fair share of research on getting gifts that stand up to my perfectionist standards but that also don’t break the bank! – More on that some other time though!

Anyway, back to Bama (aka high school best friend also known as Katie..) and her Baltimore wedding. We did our trial run of her makeup during her bachelorette weekend but went a little more glam than we knew we would for her actual wedding day. Bama wears no makeup in everyday life, (because let’s be real, she doesn’t need to..) so for her actual wedding day she wanted to be a slightly more glam version of her everyday self – since that’s the face Jon fell in love with. #SWOON. So her bachelorette makeup and wedding day makeup weren’t too terribly different just her wedding day makeup was a little more subtle. We changed her glam strip lashes she wore for her bachelorette weekend to sweet House of Lashes cluster lashes, traded any deep browns in the eye area for coppers and took her berry lip color back down to a natural nude. You can imagine how gorgeous both looks turned out with her strawberry blonde hair and her fair, porcelain skin. Or you can just check out the pictures below 😛

Bama, I love you. You are even more beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside and I’m still so honored you chose me to only enhance your natural beauty on the most important day of your life. You and Jon are two of mine and Stefan’s all time favorites and the love and joy your day brought everyone who was involved will be remembered for a lifetime. Cheers to true love and couples who inspire men and women to never settle for less than you deserve. Y’all are inspiring in every sense of the word and I’m so glad I get to be a tiny part in y’all’s great big lives.

And now that I’m crying,

Gotta go..

**Ps: Bama and Jon’s wedding photos seen here were taken by the very talented Baltimore photographer, Kirsten Zarek. Check her out on Instagram @kirstenmariephotography or on her website, www.kirstenmariephotography.com**



January 3, 2018
January 5, 2018