Fall + Spring Metallic Shoes

Who would have thought this 70’s trend would make it’s way back around almost 50 years later?! — Well considering trends have a way of repeating themselves, I’m sure a few people out there knew it was coming but I was not one of them..and let me tell you, I took this great surprise and RAN with it…I’m still running with…might as well call it an Olympic sprint at this point cause I’m damn near Husain Bolt at this point!


And although this new metallic trend really started popping up in Fall 2016 (when I bought my first pair of metallic/iridescent Kate Spade loafers – still one of my favorites to date) the metallic game seems to be holding strong for Spring/Summer (even into back into Fall 2017..) and I can tell you personally, I’ll be rocking them far into Winter too. Because who doesn’t love a POP of color of at any time of year?

And metallics aren’t just a POP – they’re actual SHOW STOPPERS. We’re not talking denim on denim with a neon pop from a pair of Loubiton So Kate’s — although don’t get me wrong, I love a good neon moment, especially with the legs and butt some So Kate’s can give you ..but that type of moment is more of a “whisper to your friend” kind of moment..a “let me lean over to my girlfriend and point out that beauty rocking that POP of color from across the way” moment.  But the right metallic in the right moment………that’s an “I’ve got to stop you, wipe the drool from my mouth as I tell you I love your shoes, ask you where you got them and pray to the Gods you’re the type of girl/guy who screams their fashion secrets from the mountain tops” – yea, THAT type of moment. (Because isn’t the person who, “can’t remember/bought them online/found them at some boutique” just the worst type of person?! Hold on a second there champ, your insecurities are officially shining as bright as your badass metallics, okay?!) 😛

Do you see what’s happening? Even blogging about a good metallic moment gives you that extra spice! You just can’t go wrong with a metallic. A cut off tee and jeans becomes #chicAF with the right pair. A blazer and your workflow elevate to the next level with a little iridescent sheen. A relaxed day look goes from almost sloppy to oh- so-trendy. A delicate shift dress goes from sweet to spicy. The outcomes of your outfits are ENDLESS when you have the right metallic.

And on that note, I’m going to throw on a pair right now! These are some of my favorite metallics… leave a comment if you’re a metallic lover like myself or even if you’ve yet to dip your toes into a pair of these shiny show stoppers!

Y’all keep shining! From your highlighter down to your metallics!