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Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung
While Stefan and I were spending a week in Seattle a restaurant kept making the top of people’s lists of places we had to try…Din Tai Fung. Yes, pronounced exactly like it sounds..it took me a second to move my “southern accent” out of the way to…

Buzz Feed Food Creation

The dreaded question… what do you want to eat?
Last time I was at my sister’s house in Louisiana she asked me what I wanted for dinner – truly one of the questions I fear most. I’m a Libra okay, y’all? Libra’s excel in a lot of areas but decision-making…

The Name Leigh Taylor

It’s funny I never realized when I made my social media account using my name, Leigh Taylor, that people would assume my first name is Leigh and my last name is Taylor. I guess it’s just so normal and natural to me that these are actually my first and middle…