1 outfit, 3 ways: a transitional piece to take you through multiple seasons

1 outfit, 3 ways: a transitional piece to take you through multiple seasons (& even an entire weekend!)

Who doesn’t love a timeless, closet staple that can transition with you from season to season or even better, from day to night?! A good transitional piece is good for so many reasons.. A piece that can be worn on multiple occasions is a space saver in the closet (no need for 2 coats when you have 1 that does the job of many..) a time saver when you don’t have time to go home from the office before Friday night out with girls, and most importantly..a money saver!  Why spend the money on 3 different outfits when you can buy a single piece that can give you 3 (or more) totally separate looks?!

I’m sure Nashville isn’t the only town with crazy weather this time of year.

Mother Nature is like most women and just can’t seem to make up her mind (that.. or #globalwarming but that’s a blog for another day 😉 ). It no joke snowed on Monday last week and on Friday it was 80 degrees. How are you supposed to plan your outfits for the week with that level of bipolar?!  Well ladies, find you a piece that can get you to work on Friday when it’s 50 degrees out, out dancing with your girls Friday night when it drops down to 30 degrees and to brunch on Saturday or church on Sunday when it gets back up in the 60’s. Sounds like a tall task for one piece, right? And if there was such a thing, it would probably cost a fortune…

Well I’m happy to inform you that thanks to H&M that isn’t the case!

This plaid piece is exactly what me, my wallet and my wardrobe ordered!

…not to mention it was originally only $70 to begin with and now it’s CURRENTLY ON SALE FOR $40?!  (Um. If it came in different patterns I’d buy two 😛 )

Do you all have any favorite transitional pieces?

If so, comment below and tell us what they are and how you style them!

Cheers to a new week and pieces that not only make transitioning from winter into spring that much easier but that can also get us just as excited for work on Monday as we are for Friday night out!


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*all photos in this post taken by my amazing photographer, Julia Perkins. Check her out on Instagram: @juliaperkinsphotography